• dating a hong kong man

    It’s a Date! A Guide to Dating A Hong Kong Man

    Dating isn’t an easy endeavor, and it’s more difficult to find The One to spend the rest of our lives with. There is simply too much to consider. This includes the places to find fellow singles, the activities to do on first and succeeding dates, and even the things we should say to endear ourselves to our potential partners.  It seems that the difficulty is only amplified once we start looking in new places. It may be a new city, a new dating application or site, or a new city. If you have somehow found yourself in Hong Kong or using an app that will lead you to Hong Kong…

  • long term relationship tips

    Long-Term Relationship Tips for a Love That Lasts

    You have a candle. It’s the traditional kind, the one that everyone grew up with, complete with the wick, the wax, and the need for a spark to light a flame. You take a match, or maybe a lighter, and let the candle’s wick burn. The resulting flame burns bright, brighter if the room is dark. Up close, it exudes warmth and may even let off a wonderful scent depending on your candle of choice.  Unfortunately, the candle doesn’t last forever.  As most things do, the flame weakens and dies eventually. More often than not, the cause is the passage of time. It’s also possible that the candle died early…

  • relationship tips

    10 Relationship Tips for an Ever-Lasting Love

    The truth is out: being in a relationship is not all about the flowers, romantic dates, and love-making. The honeymoon phase is true for many relationships, and that it is the most romantic phase of a relationship. But the sooner you realize that this phase will only be there for a while, the sooner you’ll understand what loving someone truly means.  Love is actually quite challenging to maintain. But having a long-lasting relationship that withstands the test of time, through thick and thin, through ups and downs, is not impossible.  Here are a few tips on how to make your relationship last. Relationship Tips: A Guide to Long-Lasting Relationships 1.…

  • online dating statistics singapore

    Singapore Online Dating Through Statistics

    There are several avenues to take up if one wishes to understand how online dating works and how it affects the modern dating scene. The most popular option is to try out dating apps yourself. Still, other singles may prefer to take a more logical approach before dealing with matters of the heart. This is where dating statistics come in. Studying online dating statistics — like in Singapore — provides plenty of helpful insight regarding online dating popularity. This includes the reasons for using online dating and even the demographic known to use these apps and sites. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the numbers.  Online dating…

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