• taipei dating spots

    9 Romantic Dating Spots in Taipei

    Taipei is the capital city of the beautiful country of Taiwan. Located in East Asia, it has a workable climate throughout the year, perfect for visiting gorgeous places bursting with history and culture.  The awe-inspiring city accurately represents the loving nature of the Taiwanese people. Taipei has lots of romantic spots perfect for taking your darling sweetheart out on dates. Here are nine dating spots in Taipei you must visit, any time of the year or during a special occasion. Top Taipei Dating Spots To Visit All Year Round 1. Taipei 101 Observatory Taipei 101 Observatory is easily the most favorite dating spot in Taipei. Usually open between 9:00 AM…

  • taipei dating sites

    Best Online Dating Sites in Taipei

    Love happens in Taipei!  Taipei is one of the vibrant modern cities in East Asia. You get to find romance hidden from plain sight. It happens whether you decide to stroll in the busy city streets or enjoy a quiet Sunday afternoon in a bizarre local cafe. Want to begin your dating journey in Taipei? Why not test the waters through online dating? Here are some of the best online dating sites in Taipei for you to join: 5 Best Dating Sites in Taipei  1.  Paktoor  Paktoor is one of the top hookup apps in Taipei. It lives up to its name, which means “walk out on a date” in Hokkien.…

  • dating a singaporean girl

    Dating a Singaporean Girl in Today’s World

    Singapore is not only known for its iconic Merlion or beautiful tree-lined streets. If you are a single man looking for love, you might want to visit the country for its sweet, angelic ladies. Upon exploring this cultural and progressive country, you might find your perfect girl waiting at a random corner. Who is a Singaporean Woman? Dating a Singaporean girl is an experience of its own. Although they grew up in traditional households and communities, many Singaporean girls turned to be self-made women. They love meeting new people, even non-Asians.  If you are interested in knowing one, be sure to buckle up. Being romantically involved with a Singaporean girl…

  • dating singaporean guy

    The Wonders of Dating a Singaporean Guy

    Dating is not an easy endeavor — how much more when you’re dating someone from a different country or culture? If you’re dating a Singaporean guy, this may be something you’re struggling with. If you want to know how to properly date a guy from the country — or if you’re looking to date one — this guide has everything you need to know. The Big Seven Traits Singaporean Guys Look for in a Date Are you on the lookout for what traits Singaporean guys are looking for in a partner?  Here are the following seven to get you started: 1. They want someone to settle down with  Looking for…

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