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    The Fundamentals of Dating in Beijing: The Way to Your Ideal Chinese Beau

    What is Beijing like? With over 20 million people in population, Beijing is the capital megacity of majestic China. The metropolitan’s history goes back three millennia and has continued to flourish until this day and age. Like most prosperous Asian countries, there is a thriving balance between preserving tradition and adapting to the modern world.  Beijing is the center of politics, economy, education, and technology. The Chinese citizens and the immigrants live a fast-paced routine that encompasses the whole of their lifestyle, including dating. Dating in Beijing, China The dating scene in Beijing is awe-inspiring. To date, there are 200 million unmarried Chinese men and women. Beijing Dating Culture: 3…

  • The Essentials for a Beijing Dating Expat - How to Maneuver the Dating Scene

    The Essentials for a Beijing Dating Expat: How to Maneuver the Dating Scene

    Throughout the years, China has continuously developed to accept more foreigners. Visa categories increased for tourists and those who wish for permanent residency. Studies reveal that in 2017, China ranked fourth as the most favored destination, with more than 139 million who visited the country. In 2018, more than 47 million foreigners came. 51% of them are in the prime ages of 25-44 years old. Of the 10.13 million marriages recorded in that year, 480,000 partly involved foreigners. The spectacular statistics on the national levels are mirrored in its capital city, Beijing. Research estimates that the population in urban Beijing is about 20,462,610.  According to the preceding analysis, Beijing was…

  • Hong Kong Dating Etiquette

    As with other practices, dating etiquette in Hong Kong regions differs from that of mainland China, as well as other countries around the globe. So if you intend to date someone from the region, a lack of knowledge about Hong Kong dating etiquette, culture, and social expectations can ruin your good intentions at the least. It can also make you appear as being rude or commit a cultural blunder.  Hong Kong, being one of China’s provinces, has a high degree of liberty, is independently ruled, and ranks among the largest financial hubs in the world. Hong Kong’s lifestyles are urban-centric and flexible; still, most of its population remainsvery cultured. The…

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    Dating in Hong Kong? Here’s What You Need to Know

    Dating in Hong Kong can be an excellent and enviable adventure when everything moves in the right direction. But being a city of business, Honk Kong residents hardly ever have ample time to dedicate to romantic relationships, especially where they have to build such from scratch. Often, many claim not to have time for pleasure nor dating, even though they’d love to have some time out to watch some classic Hong Kong movies or a trashy Tv show with their partners. Common complaints include persistent conference calls, early morning gym sessions, networking occasions, work lunches, and the number of time residents spend in slow-moving traffic. It is equally common knowledge…

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