Site Features and How to Use Them

Looking for love the traditional way doesn’t really work out for everyone at this day and age. Lots of people actually now prefer meeting singles online right on their devices. To give you more time on browsing profiles and looking for your Chinese match, we’ve introduced TrulyChinese’s features and how to use them to your advantage.

Show Interest

Just want to get noticed without sending a single line of text? Get yourself in their radar by sending them an Interest.

snapshots of showing interest on both the app and website

To send them an interest, just go to that member’s profile and click Show Interest on the website. If you’re on the app, just tap on the heart icon located at the bottom of the screen. They would receive a notification regarding your interests.

You can also view the list of profiles who you sent interests to and a list of profiles who you received interest from.

Add Favorite

While browsing profiles, of course you’re bound to have some favorites. Get rid of the hassle of looking for them everytime you want to visit their profile. Just save them in your list of favorites.

snapshots of saving a member as a Favorite

To save a member as a Favorite, go to their profile and click Add Favorite on the upper left of their profile. But if you’re using the app, tap on the star icon on the upper right corner of the screen.

To view your list of favorite members, select Favorites located at the top menu on your computer or the star icon menu on your mobile device.

Browse & Search Profiles

Once you’re ready to meet singles and start the search for your ideal match, you can either browse them based on their last online activity or filter your searches based on specific criteria.

snapshots of browsing profiles.

To use the advanced search, just click on Filter and fill up the search form. Keep in mind that it’s not required to answer everything on it. Answer what you consider is fitting, and click Update results.

Share Photos

Screenshots of private and public albums and where to upload photos

To upload a photo, go to your TrulyChinese profile and click Manage Photo. Once there, pick which album you want your photo to be and select Add Photo or Take a Photo. You may also put a caption on your photo for a little extra touch.

Your photo will be under review to make sure it complies with our website policy. You will receive an email notification if your photos are either approved or disapproved.

Instant Messaging & Video Chat

Take the conversion with your Chinese match to the next level. Take the chance to chat with members while enjoying a face to face interaction. We offer messaging and video calling features so you can enjoy the full TrulyChinese experience.

sending instant messages and using the video chat feature

To start a conversation, go to your favored member’s profile and click on Send Message on your browser or the speech icon if you’re on the app. You will then have a private chat with that member.

Profile Verification

Here at TrulyChinese, we prioritize each member’s safety. We make sure that our members are real and in a genuine search for their ideal match. We allow you to verify your account in different ways. Either by Facebook verification, phone verification, ID verification, and camera verification.

Members who has special verification badges.

Facebook Verification

To verify through Facebook, follow these steps:

  • Click on your Profile name on the top menu and select Profile Settings.
  • On the Verification tab, choose Verify With Facebook and connect your social account to your TrulyChinese account.
  • If the verification was successful, you will get a Facebook Verified badge on your profile.

Phone Verification

To verify your account through phone verification, follow these steps:

  • Click on your Profile name on the top menu and select Profile Settings.
  • Click on the Verification tab then on Verify via SMS, enter your phone number where you want to receive the code.
  • Upon acceptance, enter the verification code.
  • Once confirmed, you will receive a Phone Verification badge which will be shown on your profile.

Camera Verification

To verify your account via camera verification, follow these steps:

  • Click on your Profile name on the top menu and select Profile Settings.
  • Click on the Verification tab then select Verify With Camera. Make sure your device is connected to a camera or already has a camera.
  • Once you’ve got your photo taken, our team will validate its authenticity.
  • If the photo is valid, you will get a Camera Verified badge which will be posted on your profile.

ID Verification

To verify your account through ID verification, follow these steps:

  • Click on your Profile name on the top menu and select Verify With Camera.
  • Click on the Verification tab, then selects Tale A Photo Of My ID. Make sure your device is connected to a camera or already has a camera.
  • After submitting, the team will verify its authenticity. Once approved, the ID verification badge will appear on your profile.


Here at TrulyChinese, we make sure you’re never afraid to express yourself. Even if you had to do it in your own language. You never have to hesitate to contact someone who doesn’t speak a similar language as yours. Break the language barrier without Translation feature.

Translating messages to your preferred language

To activate language translation, click on your Profile name on the top menu and select Account Settings. On the Translations tab, select your preferred language. Set the toggle on if you want to automatically translate messages or not.

Personality and Relationship Questions

Shed some light about your personality and insights about your relationship preferences. Let the other members get to know more about you by answering our set of questions about your lifestyle, personality, religion, dating preferences, and many more.

Personality and Relationship questions

To answer these questions, click on your profile and select Profile Settings. Once there, select which you want to answer first: Personality Test or Questions. Answer the questions as honestly as possible. Upon completing the tests, you will see your results immediately. You will also receive a copy of your results on email.

After completing the test, you will notice that on your profile, you have earned certain badges and personality metrics which is visible to members who will view your profile.

TrulyChinese, an online Chinese dating site made with an interactive and user-friendly environment that enables its members to easily browse and look for their ideal Chinese match through thousands of members. What are you waiting for? Be a part of our growing community full of Chinese singles and you might just find your way to become one of our success stories.

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