• Valentine's Day in China

    Valentine’s Day in China: The Ins and Outs

    Valentine’s day in China is as fun and romantic as Western celebrations. They pretty much follow the same traditions as everyone else in the world does. But there are some intricacies as much as peculiarities that surround Valentine’s. Valentine’s Day in China: The Twist Whenever February 14 comes rolling around—just right after the Spring Festival celebrations—young and old Chinese lovers exchange chocolates, flowers, and gifts. They always give their partners gifts that symbolize their relationship or love for them. Although no longer—or as often—practiced due to Westernization, women in China are expected to give presents. That is acceptable as men tend to give a gift in return a month after,…

  • trulychinese Chinese New Year in America trulychinese

    How to Celebrate Chinese New Year in America

    Chinese New Year in America has always meant an exciting day of merrymaking and reunions. Although this year’s celebrations may be slightly different, it doesn’t mean it’s any less exciting. Communities and Chinatowns in the country still prepared entertaining activities to welcome the Year of the Water Tiger warmly. Whether you’re here simply to learn a thing or two about the Chinese culture or are doing it to understand your Chinese date better, you’re at the right place. Get golden ideas of how the Chinese enjoy the New Year below: Significance of Chinese New Year The Chinese New Year is far more than a holiday represented by sticky desserts, red…

  • TrulyChinese The Captivating Singaporean Dating Scene

    The Captivating Singaporean Dating Scene You Should Know Of

    The Singaporean dating landscape is not easy to cross, especially in today’s time when nonchalance has become a trend. Younger generations nowadays find it sexier to appear indifferent at first sight. With this, dating someone from another country makes it even more challenging with all the cold facades and unspoken rules to boot. Making your interethnic relationship survive will become a battle of patience and humility in one way or another. And, when you’re sincerely up for it, you will need a great deal of studying to understand them better. If you found yourself drawn to the Singaporean dating scene, here are some tips that can help kickstart your love…

  • christmas in china

    Christmas in China: The Festivities and Traditions

    Christmas has come in China, and we’re here for it! But let’s get this essential fact straight first: Christmas isn’t a religious holiday in China. Yet, it has slowly crept its way to the local’s hearts and received a warm welcome in the Central Kingdom.  Over the past decades, younger Chinese generations eager to experience Western culture have gathered to observe Christmas. And if you’ve come to know how to celebrate Christmas in China better, we’re here to give you all the scoops on how the locals observe the holiday. Let’s talk about the Chinese’s newfound festivities and traditions and list the best places to visit for a complete Christmas…

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