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    Date a Taiwanese Guy: A Millennial’s Guide

    The stakes and waters are rough in the world of dating, but we still look for that lifetime companion nonetheless. No matter the probable strains we encounter, we are hardwired to find our ‘one true love.’ If dating physically with men in your area didn’t work out for you, maybe it’s high time to meet, connect, and date a Taiwanese guy. But first… What is it like to date Taiwanese guys? Taiwan is composed of an overabundance of indigenous ethnic populations, each formed and molded a little bit differently. So it may not be fair to stereotype them as everyone is unique and adorable on their own. To gain additional…

  • best online dating sites in taiwan

    Top Six Best Online Dating Sites in Taiwan

    Are you looking for the best online dating sites in Taiwan? TrulyChinese has compiled a list of the most well-known Taiwan dating sites, so you won’t have to! Whether you’re in it for the short or long haul, dating in Taiwan is quite tricky. Finding ‘the one’ in a pub, museum, or school, in today’s time, is not as easy as in the movies. To forget your bad luck in this area of your life, you must have drowned yourself with so much work. But most often, even work can be exhaustive too. If all else fails, you can always turn for help in the magical world of online dating.…

  • dating beijing girls

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating Beijing Girls

    A guide on how to have an incredible dating journey with girls in Beijing. China, known as one of the sites recognized as the four cradles of civilization. The majestic country goes back three millennias and has prospered through dynastic rule, the early and late imperial era, into the republic that it is today.  According to research, early marriage and discrimination was the reason why women in Beijing were prevented from participating in society, complete education altogether, and assuming an equal and respected role that men possess. Women viewed as home carers with only maternal responsibilities, along with the “son preference” and other sexist perspectives, have hindered work opportunities, economic…

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    The 10 Best Beijing Dating Apps and Sites You Should Check Out this 2021

    Search for Beijing dating apps that fits your goals and preferences? Here are our top ten picks so you can dive into the dating game right away! Online Dating in Beijing Recent research reveals that there are around 200 million single men and women in China. The decreasing marriage rates point to increasing divorce rates as the primary reason. It is followed by the unbalanced ratio of genders, with men outnumbering women by 32 million. China has a population of 1.4 billion. 16.44 million of which reside in the country’s sublime capital city. Now around 11.3 percent of this number comprises men and women aging within 25 and 29 years.…

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