• kowloon girls

    All You Need to Know About Kowloon Girls

    Have you watched the original Gossip Girl series? For sure, you know the best of friends Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen. Although their traits belong to the different sides of a coin, they both make the series spectacular.  Kowloon is the Blair to Hong Kong Island’s Serena. Hong Kong island is appealing to many because of its welcoming atmosphere. Meanwhile, Kowloon gives off a strong vibe, which makes the place quite intimidating. But once you get to know Kowloon, you will start to appreciate its beauty. So, why should you focus on Kowloon? The region is known for its culturally rich attractions — galleries, museums, live performance venues,…

  • kowloon dating

    The Basics of Kowloon Dating

    Kowloon is a peninsula in Hong Kong named after its eight great mountains and the Emperor Bing of the Song Dynasty. Kowloon, or the “Nine Dragons,” has a vibrant history, and the culture that has flourished in the majestic place is still thriving to this day. Work, family, and love life in Kowloon are robust and colorful. It’s incomparable even to its neighboring towns and cities. Kowloon’s culture is a curious mix of Thai and Chinese, plus other influences (particularly the British), making it one of the most multifaceted places in Hong Kong. Kowloon dating is in a class by itself.  Dating Culture in Kowloon Kowloon believes in both preserving…

  • dating profile tips for ladies

    Useful Tips on Building a Dating Profile for Ladies

    Building your online dating profile is a step closer to your goal of discovering and experiencing everlasting love. However, setting up an online profile can be daunting. It is not always simple to create a profile that will catch the attention of eager Chinese singles to meet and chat. If you are at a loss in building a flawless online dating profile, no worries! We got your back. Here are a couple of hot tips for you: 6 Tips for Ladies on Building the Perfect Dating Profile The ideal dating profile is one that gains an enormous amount of attention — therefore increasing your chances of finding love.  Check out…

  • relationship tips for beginners

    A Step into Love: Relationship Tips for Beginners

    Falling in love is much like a dance, where two souls carefully take one step after another into a meaningful, memorable relationship. However, it’s not always a beautiful event. There are moments when taking that first unfamiliar step can make one anxious, to the point of developing a fear of falling. This is especially true for those who have experienced much heartbreak and failure in the past. Taking that first step can put you in a state of doubt. Doubts, fears, and anxieties shouldn’t be hindrances in our journey to love, though. While it’s impossible to quickly shake off these feelings, it’s possible to grasp onto something to anchor oneself…

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