• TrulyChinese Eight Ways to Win Over Your BoyfriendGirlfriend's Chinese Mom

    Eight Ways to Win Over Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s Chinese Mom

    Winning over your boyfriend/girlfriend’s Chinese mom is never an easy feat—it’s especially true for Western folks. Age-old views often clash with the more liberal Western mindset. And, when they do butt heads, it’s usually not a pretty picture.  Unfortunately, many Chinese parents are stereotyped as domineering folks who constantly hold a tight leash, even on their adult children. They usually do it to secure their children’s success.  However, all this doesn’t mean you can’t win them over. Openness and being respectful are vital to impress your date’s Chinese mom. Meeting your date’s Chinese mom anytime soon? You’ll need to put your best foot forward to earn their seal of genuine…

  • TrulyChinese Spring in China Fun Things to Do With Your Date

    Spring in China: Fun Things to Do With Your Date

    Spring in China is like no other: the weather is warm, and there are fewer tourists around. China also transforms into a seemingly massive and beautiful garden, thanks to its lush sceneries, colorful flowers, and fresh leafy hues. Whether you wish to take in the country's beautiful landscapes or get a glimpse at their intricate culture, spring in China is an ideal time to go. To make the most of your stay, we rounded up the things to do and places to go in China. We also added a brief detail on what spring in China looks and feels like for context. Take inspiration from our guides to enjoy your…

  • TrulyChinese Winning Tips to Please your Feminist Chinese Girlfriend

    Winning Tips to Please your Feminist Chinese Girlfriend

    The stakes and waters are rough in the Chinese dating world, especially when your Chinese girlfriend is a feminist. It can be challenging to date a feminist woman because you sometimes can’t seem to say anything right. Well, that’s probably true to any situation where you might have spurred out misogynistic or xenophobic comments about women or their culture. Somehow, you realize that there is a fine line between overly caring (men’s love language) and smothering (feminist women despise). And, sometimes, it just seems so hard to tread between these two delicate lines. If that perfectly describes the situation you’re in, we are here to help! Let’s talk about some…

  • Valentine's Day in China

    Valentine’s Day in China: The Ins and Outs

    Valentine’s day in China is as fun and romantic as Western celebrations. They pretty much follow the same traditions as everyone else in the world does. But there are some intricacies as much as peculiarities that surround Valentine’s. Valentine’s Day in China: The Twist Whenever February 14 comes rolling around—just right after the Spring Festival celebrations—young and old Chinese lovers exchange chocolates, flowers, and gifts. They always give their partners gifts that symbolize their relationship or love for them. Although no longer—or as often—practiced due to Westernization, women in China are expected to give presents. That is acceptable as men tend to give a gift in return a month after,…

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