How To Meet Chinese Singles in Guangzhou

Imagine being a single person who’s currently in China (a.k.a. the world’s most populous country) and trying to figure out how to meet Guangzhou singles. A metropolis famously known for its foreign trade, Guangzhou is the capital city of Guangdong. Which is also the most populous province of the mainland.

a pretty Guangzhou girl

This situation might be a problem at first glance. But if simplified, you’re just left with one question that’s susceptible to a solution.

Good fortune has come to you as TrulyChinese has the solution to your “how.” It’s the reason why your eyes are plastered here currently reading this article, as we have prepared a guide for to all people about dating in Guangzhou.

Let go of your worries and let everything you are about to read sink into your mind.

First things first

Ignore how populated China or the city of Guangzhou is. Instead, take it as a positive thing. Think about the vastness and diversity of Guangzhou singles you can meet. The local singles of Guangzhou are traditional in nature.

They are the conservative ones whose traditions and customs are deeply rooted inside of them, making them a hard choice of date if you are a foreigner. They mostly prefer committed relationships with ideal Chinese men. But if you’re lucky enough to find one single Guangzhou local who is open to dating foreigners, don’t waste that rare chance.

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If there are conservatives, there are also liberals. Meaning, you can also meet Guangzhou singles who are open to dating foreigners. They have a more global approach. Or in other words, liberated.

They either come from families who migrated from another country with specific cultural backgrounds and settled down in Guangzhou long ago, or from liberal Chinese Families always adapting to the modern ways. So, a foreign man like you should never worry about dating in Guangzhou.

Two ways to meet Guangzhou singles

There are two easy ways to meet singles in the capital city of Guangdong, and TrulyChinese just made it easier for you through this read. Whether be it daytime or nighttime, these ways apply to both times of the day with only a few exceptions.


Meeting people online is the easiest way to look for friends and even love. Today’s advanced technology has allowed people from different parts of the globe to connect and communicate without having to leave their seats or their homelands.

Two people can talk in real-time through chat, voice calls, and video calls. All you need is a fast and reliable internet connection and a computer/handheld device capable of connecting to the internet. The best thing is you can do it anytime you want.

When it comes to meeting Guangzhou single online, there are two effective ways to do it. Here they are:

Social Media

It’s the age of social media, and almost everyone is in it. Popular social media platforms that allow you to connect with Guangzhou singles are WeChat, Sina Weibo, Tencent QQ, and DouYin.

All you have to do is sign up, log in, connect, and communicate. So easy, right? But that’s just the surface. Wait until you read the next one.

Chinese Dating Sites

This one is perfect for men who are currently not in mainland China, but is interested in meeting singles from Guangzhou. There are websites and apps specifically designed for online dating in China, where a large number of Chinese people are registered and just waiting for their ideal matches.

a girl chatting in her tablet

Fortunately, you happen to be in current access with one of the leading and biggest Chinese online dating websites today. Creating an account would only take 5 minutes or less on TrulyChinese. Just provide your essential information such as name, gender, age, country, password, and email address. Account verification will follow to ensure a scammer-free experience for all.

After signing up and verifying your account, you can have fun customizing your dating profile highlighting qualities about you. Along with a recent photo of you, ensure that the information you provide is accurate. This will increase your chances of enticing likely matches.

With everything set, you can now browse for single Guangzhou ladies by random or by using the advanced search feature to narrow down your prospects. That’s how easy you can meet your potential Guangzhou date with TrulyChinese.

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In Person

Of course, nothing beats meeting someone you’re interested in than seeing them in person. With nice and friendly Guangzhou singles around town, you don’t want to miss meeting and getting to know them when they’re right in front of you.

Did we mention that single locals from Guangzhou are real stunners? Yes, they are, especially the ones with the modern approach. And due to Guangzhou’s large population, there is a massive difference in their gender ratio. You will have plenty to choose from. Just be mindful of your actions and how you approach them.

Day or night, you won’t go empty-handed when you go to these places:


a Guangzhou girl in the park

Parks are great places to be if you like to see the real beauty of Guangzhou singles on a bright and sunny day. It is highly recommended that you can visit Chimelong Safari Park, Shamian Island, Baiyun Mountain, or Yuexiu Park.


a Guangzhou girl in a mall

When you talk about or go to malls, it’s automatic that singles are there in every direction your eyes set upon. They like to shop, hangout or meet people in malls. In Guangzhou, malls and shopping districts namely G.T. Land Plaza, Victory Plaza, Taikoo Hui, Tianhe Teemall and Pazhou Complex Shopping Circle are the places-to-be.


You can also visit the universities and colleges of Guangzhou where you can meet young college girls who are up for having fun. But keep in mind, they are not allowed to roam around the city at night, so make the most of their time when the sun is still up.

Coffee or Milk Tea shops

milk tea

Who would ever decline a nice cup of coffee or a sweet boba? Conversations while drinking beverages are always a good date idea and will never fail.


The most obvious place to meet singles in Guangzhou even with the unbreakable traditions and cultural beliefs.

The clubs in this city are as alive as they can be with peak hours starting from midnight until 3 AM. But if you want to avail of the happy hour promos and lesser crowds, 8 PM maybe the best time to go.

Some of Guangzhou’s bests that know no shortage of Guangzhou singles are Golf Club, Fei Bar, SOHO, Bound Club, Amigo, Tang, Catwalk Bar, and True Color.

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