Best Places to Meet Chinese Singles

We know that one of the reasons why you’re here. You reading this article means you want to meet Chinese singles and just don’t know the best place to look.

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China is a huge country and looking for singles without reading this article would give you a pretty hard time. It would lessen your chances of finding compatible Chinese singles immediately. Now that you know how to meet Chinese singles, let’s tackle where to meet them.


With a staggering population of 22 million people, Shanghai is made as one of the most populated cities in China. Being in the center business and trade, many singles study and work here for opportunities.

In Shanghai, there’s actually a place called Shanghai Square Market (人民公园相亲角) which is a market in People’s Park where parents of single adults get to share information about their children in order to find a suitable partner for them. This happens every Saturday and Sunday from 12NN to 5PM. But foreigners might have little luck with finding a match here since most Chinese parents would prefer their son/daughter to marry a Chinese national.

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There are still quite a few places in Shanghai where you can meet singles. But in this big city, you’ll mostly meet people who are into casual dating rather than a long-term relationship. With Shanghai being an urbanized city, singles there are career-oriented and independent. You would have too many competition from other foreigners. But nevertheless, it;s a great place to meet Shanghai singles.

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Being China’s capital and one of the country’s biggest cities, Beijing is a city full of energy and people. The city is located near the Bohai Gulf, Northeast China. Though it’s not as populated as Shanghai, Beijing is still a hugely populated city with 19 million people. It’s not hard to meet singles in Beijing. As long as you know where to look.

A picture of Beijing. China

Just like Shanghai, most people especially singles, come to Beijing to look for job opportunities than in their home city.

Because the city is urbanized and frequently visited by foreigners, Beijing singles are more open to dating them since they practically see them every day. Compared to others, they’re more open-minded, down to earth, and fun to be with.

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The city of Chengdu is located in the Pearl River Delta in Southeast China and with a population of 7 million people, the city is more quiet and relaxed compared to mega cities like Shanghai and Beijing. Their relaxed pace is also due to the fact that the city is located in mountainous areas.

Chengdu is known in China for having the most beautiful women. With the Chinese people’s standard of beauty like flawless white skin and just simply being a natural beauty, Chengdu women definitely aced in these sections.

a woman from Chengdu, China

Chinese singles from Chengdu are also known to have strong will and determination compared to others. They are attractive, but they sure do love their spicy food. This could be a little challenging for you if you’re not fond of chillis.

Even though Chengdu is less urbanized, here’s a list of places that you can visit at night to meet singles.

When approaching Chengdu singles, it’s important to be bold, polite, and be confident. Any person from Chengdu would want to date someone who’s well mannered and has confidence in themselves.


Located in the Pearl River Delta of Southeast China is the city of Guangzhou. Guangzhou is populated with an average of 11 million people and is known for being the manufacturing base in China. But of course, there are other interesting things about Guangzhou. That is their abundance of amazing cuisines and ideally attractive singles.

a picture of Guangzhou, China

You can meet Chinese singles in Guangzhou practically everywhere, but you’ll mostly find them on:

  • Office towers and Hotels – You can find independent office singles from these places. Mostly around lunch time and off-work times.
  • Bars and cafes – Guangzhou is known as the “City of Night Life”. There are many famous bars and cafes you can go to meet singles. You can find bars and cafes along Huanshi Dong Road, Jianshe Liu Road, Taojin Road, and Waterfront Yanjiang Zhong Road.
  • Restaurants – Restaurants in Guangzhou that serve good food and have a nice ambiance can attract many people. This includes singles and migrants from different parts of China. You’d be surprised that you won’t only find good food, but also good looking people. Famous restaurants like Dong Bei Ren, Zongjiang, Mao Jia Wan, Dongting Tu Caiguan are some of the famous in Guangzhou.
  • Universities – When you go to universities in Guangzhou, you will find smart, lively, and witty singles.

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online chinese dating ebook

Chinese Dating Sites & Apps

For this last place, you won’t have to do any travelling just to meet singles from Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, and Guangzhou. Just sign up for an account on a Chinese dating app like TrulyChinese, fill it up with your information, then start searching for singles on specific locations that you want. This is also entirely convenient if you’re already in China and wanted to quickly find someone to hang out with.

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The app is also equipped with a message translation feature that lets you use any language that you prefer. You can even translate it to the language that the other person is comfortable with. Once you’re in China and about to meet someone, ensure that you speak a common language to avoid any miscommunications.

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China is a huge country and you can practically meet Chinese singles anywhere. Dating preferences and what qualities you want for a partner will entirely depend on where you should look to meet singles.

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