Hong Kong Dating: How to Meet Singles in Hong Kong

Located in southeast China, Hong Kong is considered by many as the New York City of Asia. The only difference is that it’s a country rather than a city. Technically.

Hong Kong is an administrative region under mainland China. Its official name is (yes, you guessed it), Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.

Hong Kong was a former British colony until 1997. It’s one of the world’s most significant financial centers and commercial ports, making it one of the most densely populated places in the world. Because of the country’s rapid development, people from around the globe come to Hong Kong to seek better opportunities in life.

Speaking of better opportunities, you can also associate this with dating. Of course, that’s why you’re reading this because you want to date Hong Kong singles. TrulyChinese has just the help you need in boosting your Hong Kong dating game.

a pretty hong kong girl

Just sit back, relax, and continue reading this essential dating guide to meet single Hong Kong girls. Let’s skip through the history lessons and move on to the dating tips.

What are Hong Kong girls like?

You might think of Hong Kong girls as similar to the girls in the mainland, but they live differently as opposed to mainland Chinese girls.

Women in Hong Kong have a more carefree lifestyle, wherein you can meet them in every mall or bar in town.They can speak good English as most of them are highly-educated women with careers most men can only dream of having.

Hong Kong girls are friendly and very approachable, making it a little easier for men to introduce themselves to these pretty ladies.

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Are Hong Kong women interested in foreign men?

Since Hong Kong girls are used to seeing foreign men everywhere in their cities and they’re definitely open to dating foreign men. Most of them are even more attracted or more inclined to date foreign men.

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If you’re a shy guy, you can always join Chinese dating sites like TrulyChinese where there are plentiful of Hong Kong girls that you can choose from, waiting to find their match.

Foreign men have an advantage when trying to score a date with a local Hong Kong woman. But you still have to be respectful and level-headed when approaching one Hong Kong girl.

Where to meet Hong Kong singles during the day

If you prefer to meet singles during daytime, there are a lot of places in Hong Kong you can choose from.

Hong Kong girls flock to the malls during the day whenever they can to spend their hard-earned money after a week of stressful work. This is their way of releasing stress and rewarding themselves for their hard work. A better way of making them even happier is meeting men like you to keep them company.

You can guarantee that you won’t walk out empty-handed after a day in a Hong Kong mall.

Listed below are the best malls to go to in Hong Kong:

  • The Landmark
  • Harbour City
  • Pacific Place
  • IFC Mall
  • Times Square Shopping Mall
  • Elements Hong Kong
  • Festival Walk
  • New Town Plaza
  • SOGO Japanese Department Store

Where to meet Hong Kong singles during the night

Meeting single girls during the night is never a problem in Hong Kong. If dating at night is your preference, the bars and clubs are the best places for you.

Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the best days to hit the clubs as more women go out during the weekends. You will have more opportunities to look for a date during these days, plus you get to enjoy your Hong Kong nights because of the mood of the people around you.

a girl taking a selfie in the party

Clubbing in Hong Kong is different. It could get a little wild, but it does offer a unique experience you never want to miss.

The go-to clubs and bars in Hong Kong are:

  • Ce La Vi Hong Kong
  • Dragon-i at the Centrium
  • Volar
  • Drop
  • Deja Vu
  • Play Club Hong Kong
  • Club XIII
  • Carnegies
  • Trafalgar
  • Joe Bananas
  • Bar 109
  • Bar De Luxe

Hong Kong dating tips to keep in mind

But before you go out to these places we just mentioned, TrulyChinese has these additional tips for you to keep in mind when dating Hong Kong girls. You will never go wrong with having extra bullets before going to war.

1. Find out her work location

If you have yourself a Hong Kong date, it is wise to know where she works and how to get there. Find out the name of the company she’s working at during your conversations and also its location. These details will be useful if you’re thinking of sending her gifts on special occasions.

Having this information also allows you to fetch her after her work shift. That way, you can go out on another date which will give her the idea that you take much of your time in spending it with her.

2. Dating history

It may be unnecessary, but knowing her dating history helps on how you handle her during your courtship. Women of little dating experience like to take it slow. They prefer being friends first before jumping into building a romantic relationship.

a hong kong couple in the park

While the experienced women of Hong Kong sometimes skip the getting-to-know stage of dating as they already know how to handle men of different kinds. Knowing the dating experience of a woman lets you understand more about her, how she wants to be treated, and what she expects from you.

Nevertheless, what’s essential is that you appreciate your lady.

3. Be the Alpha Male

While Hong Kong girls are mostly strong and independent women, they still want their men to be a MAN. What this means is you have to be a gentleman, and they want you to take control of the relationship.

They like their men to be the decision-maker, but not to the point of not allowing her to decide on things that matter to her. They need a man with the right balance of an alpha male, but with gentle, loving, and respectful qualities. Never forget to care for her. That includes her thoughts, feelings, and well being.

Pick your date location carefully

This tip saves you time, effort, and money. Dating in Hong Kong might be expensive, so it’s better to plan your date accurately.

Picking the right place to date is essential as it will be comfortable for both of you that you’re somewhere you mutually agreed.

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