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Top Tips on How To Romance A Chinese Woman

11 January 2019

When you love someone, of course, it’s only natural to want to make them feel loved and special. The reason why you’re in this article is you want to show some romance to your Chinese girlfriend/partner but just don’t know how. Good thing TrulyChinese is here to help you with your romantic endeavors.

If you think that being in a relationship with a Chinese girl is entirely different from all the connections that you’ve had before, it’s somehow different but not really.

  1. Learn reading subtle cues

    When dating a Chinese woman, you should know by now that they communicate differently compared to the other girls you’ve dated before who are probably more vocal. They don’t really say it to your face if they’re upset or mad at you, but their body language says otherwise.

    Chinese guy tucking girl's hair behind the ear

    You just got to notice it.

    Is she somehow silent and just nods or says “hhmm” whenever you talk to her? Or is she ignoring you completely when you’re together or whenever you text her?

    Perhaps you’ve done something she didn’t like, or you didn’t do something that she expected you to do. The thing is, you have to have open and honest communication. Ask her what she feels and what caused her to have those feelings towards you, then also share your perspective on the matter.

    This might somehow take some practice, but love is a complicated thing. Much more if you grew up with different views on love.

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  2. How to woo a Chinese girl

    Before ever doing this step, make sure you’ve read over the first one since knowing what your Chinese girlfriend likes and dislikes are essential on wooing her.

    A guy hiding a bouquet of flowers on his back

    As we always say on TrulyChinese, every girl is unique and different in their own ways. But one thing’s for sure, they love to be romanced. Knowing how they want to be romanced is the real challenge here. Think about how you can sweep this girl off her feet as herself rather than as her nationality.

    Aside from communicating and actually listening to what she says, also consider the subtle cues she’s been unconsciously giving out. Signs aren’t a one size fits all thing, so every woman has her own. You just have to be observant about it. You’ll know it when you know it.

  3. Know what her definition of love is

    When you grew up from different cultures and backgrounds, how you give and would want to receive love might be different from your Chinese girlfriend or partner. That’s just how it is.

    Are you ready to find love TrulyChinese CTA

    One can’t generalize someone’s preferences based on ethnicity and culture. While other’s are into giving and receiving gifts, others are more into spending time with their partner by doing something together. Others prefer to receive affection physically, like cuddling, holding hands, kissing, and hugging.

    When you’re in a relationship, each person involved has their own definition of love and how they like to communicate with it or show it to their partner. It will take some time and communication as to how you set both your momentums together and find the affection that works for the both of you.

  4. Show that you’re genuine

    This might be an understatement for some people out there, but for women, this is a tiebreaker. Because when you’re sincere about your feelings, you somehow make sure that she’s at ease when she’s with you, and you make her feel loved. Though that depends on your ways on making her feel loved and at ease.

    A Chinese couple kissing

    Saying that you’re genuine about your feelings towards her just isn’t enough. Trust should be built through actions and not words. But once she feels entirely at ease with you and most importantly in love, she can freely be herself without being criticized or judged.

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  5. Take things slow

    When you’re in your first date with a Chinese woman and everything is going well don’t ruin it by making the attempt of even touching her hand. It might be a romantic gesture, but for Chinese women hand holding and other physically intimate gestures like hugging and kissing are not for first dates.

    two friends sitting together

    For most of the time, the girl would only allow you to kiss her when you two are already official boyfriend and girlfriend. Even from this day and age, some aspects of the traditional Chinese dating culture still hasn’t lost its touch. So be her friend first and be patient.

    All good things take time.

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Final Thoughts

From everything that’s been said in this article, it all boils down to these three things: open communication, genuine feelings, and respect. Without these three things, a bond can't form. Much more if you’re trying to put some romance in your relationship.

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