How to Tell if a Chinese Woman Likes You

Making a Chinese woman like you could be quite a challenge, but figuring out if their feelings are mutual to yours is much harder. Of course, there are these so-called “signs” that you could spot behind the cultural differences and language barriers. So what are these “signs” that tell if a Chinese woman likes you or not? Just read this until the end.

1. She accepts to go out on a date with you

If you like a Chinese woman, there is only one sure way to know if she likes you back and that is to ask her out on a date. If she accepts, then there might be some good chances for you.

a chinese girl on a date with a man

Things to do while on a date with a Chinese woman:

  • Be sure to plan a good date where you think she will enjoy.
  • Be a gentleman by opening doors for her, picking her up from her place, etc.
  • Be prepared to pay for the date (depends if she offers to pay for her own)
  • Be the one to initiate the conversation
  • Be patient

Chinese women are known to be blunt and direct. So if all goes well and she says that she enjoyed the date and wants to go out with you again, then you can be sure that she meant those words.

If it just so happens that she refused to go out on a date with you, don’t be discouraged. You can meet other ladies that would be a better match for you.

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2. She makes an effort to look pretty

Of course, every woman is pretty in their own way. But when you find that she looks prettier when you’re on a date or whenever you’re just simply hanging out then that means she likes you. It’s only natural for a woman to want to look her best whenever the man she fancies is around.

a pretty chinese girl

Girls put on a lot of effort to look extra pretty for you, so make sure to give her compliments like “Your hair looks nice” or “You dress suits you”. A little compliment goes a long way.

3. She cares about you

One of the signs that a Chinese woman likes you is when she cares about your well-being. She will be worried if you’re wearing too little clothes if she thinks it’s cold outside or if you’ve already eaten or not. They make sure that you’re well-taken care of. If you get sick, they make sure to bring you some medicine or a special herbal soup.

You might think that it’s like having a second mother, but that’s just them showing they care about you.

4. She wants to know more about you

If you like someone, of course, you would be interested in things about them. Same goes for Chinese women. If they like you, they would ask personal questions about you.

a chinese woman texting

When she starts asking you questions, just be honest as much as you can. If you’re feeling a bit uncomfortable with her questions, tell her. They’ll appreciate your honesty(though not all girls will have the same reaction but at least you were honest.)

5. She shows flashes of jealousy

In relation to the previous section, your date will also be curious about your friends and previous dating life. They will ask if you have any female friends and if you’re close any of them or if you’ve dated anyone long-term before. If you have, just be warned that Chinese women get jealous easily and are very possessive.

a couple angry with each other

The key is to just have patience (a whole lot of it) and communicate on what’s bothering her. It could be quite challenging at first but that’s just a part of their character. Don’t give her any reason to doubt you.

Being jealous simply mean she likes or even loves you.

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6. She wants you to meet her family

If she tells you that she wants you to meet her parents, then you will know that she’s really into you. In the Chinese dating culture or in most Asian culture where the family must always come first, meeting the parents or the whole family basically means they want to establish a serious relationship with you.

So if she does make statements like “I want to introduce you to my family”, you better get ready.

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Even if you met online or offline, you can still notice these signs.

Did you notice any of these from her?

If you did, then you might have something special there. Don’t let that chance get away. Instead, use it to your advantage to make her fall even harder for you. Either you want to speed things up and take things slow. It’s all up to you.

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