How To Know If A Chinese Guy Likes You: Signs You Should Know

Do you think a Chinese guy fancies you? Or do you like him and wanted to know if the feeling is mutual? Don’t worry, we’ve gathered up some tips and signs to look out for if a Chinese man likes you.

Keep your eyes peeled and memory ready if he’s guilty on two or three of these things. Have fun!

The way he smiles at you

It’s probably hard to find a difference between a friendly smile and a smile that says “I like you.” Since the two are pretty much alike especially if he really likes you as a friend. Be careful with this one though. You won’t want to create any misunderstanding from what could be just a friendly gesture.

a happy couple with their dog

But one thing about the “I like you” smile is it has the twinkle and admiration from the guy’s eyes whenever he listens to you talk or just looks at you.

Pay attention and look into the other signs if that Chinese man is interested in you.

The way he looks and steal glances

By just looking into a man’s eyes, you can see if he really has genuine feelings for you or just wanted a one-time fling. He’s absolutely interested in you if you see him staring at you with dilated pupils and not in a disturbing or sexual way.

When you’re having a conversation and if you notice his eyebrows raise while smiling and making eye contact or when he blinks more than usual, this is another indication that he really likes you.

It’s all about the eyes. The eyes never lie.

They way he talks to you

You’ll know when a Chinese guy or any guy for that matter like you when he has a certain way of speaking to you, and only you. It’s somehow his unique language and mannerism reserved just for you.

a man holding a woman's hand

When you both talk, you will see that he listens intently and when he responds, it’s a softer version of his tone. The best thing is, he will only focus his undivided attention to you. That’s how interested they are.

You should also notice that he always tries to make you laugh or laugh with you.

He wants to spend time with you

Be honest, how much time do you spend together? Or rather, how frequently does he want to spend as much time with you?

When a Chinese guy has feelings for you, he wants to spend time with you as much as he can. Whether if it’s driving you to your house after school/work, escorting you to your office or classroom, or taking you out for meals on the weekends. The time he spends with you is not only for him, but rather, he wants to make sure that you’re safe, well-taken care off, and eat meals on time. Getting to know you is just the added bonus.

If you aren’t together, he still keeps in touch

Does he make the effort of getting in touch with you?

Does he go out of his way and makes lots of time to spend with you and get to know each other?

If a guy only sees you as a friend or isn’t interested in you, he wouldn’t want to spend his extra time with you. He won’t make an effort at all. Unless you’re his sister or a really close friend.

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He makes it perfectly clear from the beginning

When a Chinese guy likes you, they make it clear from the very beginning that they’re interested in you. You just have to read into their actions.

a chinese guy tucking a girl's hair

Chinese men are more into deeds rather than words. No matter how subtle their actions could be, they always show that they care. You just had to notice it.

Does he always make sure that you’ve eaten?

Or got home safe?

Or even help you carry your things?

Simple acts of thoughtfulness sometimes scream the most love and admiration.

Final Thoughts

If you really think about it, any other guy who isn’t Chinese would also do these things if they like you. But it’s also important to remember that not every guy has the capacity or interests to do these things. Perhaps they do love in a different way, or they’re not really great at expressing themselves.

Focus on his actions and always communicate. That’s really the key here.

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