Why You Should Be Dating Chinese Men

As much as how ideal Chinese men are, stereotypes and misconceptions are still lingering around the minds of the people that stop them from even considering the thought of dating Asian men. A dating site’s data about race and attraction proves that Asian men receive fewer messages, fewer matches, and has to make more effort in getting dates online compared to their other male counterparts.

If you prefer not to date Asian men, specifically Chinese men, then that’s your preference and we respect that. But we are here to tell you that you’re definitely missing out on something beautiful and a lifetimes worth of happiness.

Here are some insights on what to expect when dating a Chinese man:

Chinese men value family

When you date a Chinese man, it’s important for you to understand that family is the most important thing for him. At an early age, kids are brought up with traditional values to stay close to their parents, value their approval, and take care of them when they get old.

Who doesn’t want to be with a man that values family?

a chinese man with his family

In the dating aspect, it is important for a Chinese man to seek out his parent’s approval. Their parent’s blessing is essential if you want to make your relationship work. Because if they don’t approve of the person their son is dating, it will go downhill from that. Maybe not now, but probably soon. But of course, it would depend on the situation.

So when you date or marry a Chinese man, you’ve also got to love and accept his family.

Chinese men are responsible

Depending on the household they grew up in, Chinese men are responsible in many ways. Either in the financial aspect, household chores, or family.

In the financial aspects, most Chinese men handle money pretty well. They don’t spend their life savings or max out their credit cards on five-star restaurants, sports cars, or on a luxury watch. Instead, they only spend money on necessities and save the rest for the future or invest it.

Chinese men are also knowledgeable in doing household chores. Depending on how they were brought up, most would help out in the cooking and cleaning. Who doesn’t want to be with a man who can cook?

Once Chinese men start their own family, they would take over the responsibility of making sure his family is living a good and comfortable life. That’s how family oriented they could be. Even if with single Chinese men, they make sure to repay the sacrifices his parents have done for them by letting them stop work and just enjoy their retirement.

Chinese men are serious in relationships

It is a normal thing in China for parents to pressure their children to start looking for a husband or wife. So when they do find that special someone whom they want to get serious with, they won’t ask if they could take you out on a date. They would ask if you would marry them and spend the rest of their life with you.

When entering into a new relationship, Chinese men tend to take things slow and spend more time getting to know you or doing activities together. Although this is actually a much-preferred way of dating, it’s to asses if you’re really compatible with each other without the dreaded and awkward breakup conversation if you both decide that the relationship is just not working out.

One of the great benefits of dating a Chinese guy is they don’t play games with relationships. If they date, they date to marry. But we can’t generalize that all guys in China is like this. That’s an important thing to keep in mind.

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Chinese men are romantic

You know what’s romantic?

Not flowers, chocolates, or surprise dinners at the beach. But actually, the thought of someone who takes care of you, wants the best for you and thinks of you all the time. That’s what real romance is.

a chinese man being gentleman to his wife

Being romantic is in the long-term actions and not on a one-time event. If you notice that your Chinese boyfriend always insists on carrying your purse, paying on your dates, making sure to immediately text you back, or even going to places or bringing you food/treats is their own way of being romantic.

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Chinese men date for marriage

In relation to the point that when Chinese men date, they take it seriously. They take dating so seriously to the point that when they date, it should be with someone they could be with for the rest of their life.

a chinese couple about to get married

When it comes to love and a life-long commitment, they don’t play around.

Make sure there’s good communication between you and the Chinese man you’re dating. Figure out together of what you both want in the relationship. Do you want to get married and have kids after a few years? Talk it out.

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