All You Need to Know About Kowloon Girls

Have you watched the original Gossip Girl series? For sure, you know the best of friends Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen. Although their traits belong to the different sides of a coin, they both make the series spectacular. 

Kowloon is the Blair to Hong Kong Island’s Serena. Hong Kong island is appealing to many because of its welcoming atmosphere. Meanwhile, Kowloon gives off a strong vibe, which makes the place quite intimidating. But once you get to know Kowloon, you will start to appreciate its beauty.

So, why should you focus on Kowloon? The region is known for its culturally rich attractions — galleries, museums, live performance venues, and some of the best shopping malls in all of Hong Kong island. But more than these places, you can find many beautiful girls in Kowloon. 

If you want to date one, keep scrolling to know everything you need to know about Kowloon girls!

Top Qualities of Kowloon Girls

Kowloon girls are physically stunning. They are notable for their pretty faces, small but captivating eyes, beautiful hair, and great body shapes. 

On top of their physical attributes, Kowloon girls possess other superb qualities.

1. Bold

Asian girls are often described as conservative and reserved. Kowloon girls are not typical Asian girls. 

For one, Kowloon girls are very outspoken. For example, they are not shy to show interest in someone they like. However, they may not be direct. Meaning to say, if a Kowloon girl likes you, she may not verbalize it. Instead, she will do overt acts, like give you compliments. 

Kowloon girls are also opinionated. In particular, they are not afraid to talk about their opinions regarding politics. Kowloon has different political norms from Western countries. If you are a Westerner, you have to be prepared for some heated political discussions with your Kowloon girl in the future.

2. Open-minded

Dating Kowloon girls is very much similar to dating Western girls. They have become more open and accepting of modern society, especially when it comes to relationships. 

Kowloon girls do not mind dating younger boys and foreigners. Some are even open to same-sex relationships.

3. Career-centric

In ancient times, girls were underestimated and considered inadequate members of society. Kowloon girls faced the same maltreatment. They were forced to quit their job once they marry or get pregnant. 

Fortunately, Kowloon girls have overcome such unfairness. Today, they experience less favorable treatment than boys. In fact, more and more Kowloon girls are focused on their careers. Some even pursue postgraduate studies to climb the corporate ladder. 

4. Supportive

You know by now that Kowloon girls have strong personalities. They are not only expressive, liberated, and independent, but they are also supportive and protective of their men. 

Your Kowloon girlfriend will not allow you or others to talk down about yourself. When you feel down and hopeless, she will always be there to remind you of how good you are. 

5. Trustworthy and loyal

Trust is the secret to a long-lasting relationship. It builds security and confidence. 

Kowloon girls are trustworthy and loyal. Thus, you can trust your Kowloon girl to keep your secrets safe with her. You can also trust that she will not talk behind your back. Last but most importantly, you can be assured that she will love only you.

6. Family-oriented

Kowloon girls highly value their families. As a matter of fact, they stick together for their entire lives. As such, it is not uncommon for Kowloon girls to regularly meet their grandparents, parents, siblings, and other extended relatives. 

If your Kowloon girlfriend is dedicated to her family, imagine how much more when you make your own! Even if she is ambitious and career-centric, you can be sure that your family will be put first at all times.

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Challenges to Dating Kowloon Girls

Dating Kowloon girls may be challenging, especially when you are from another part of the world. Here are the most common challenges you may encounter:

1. Language barrier

About 50% of the population in Hong Kong, including Kowloon, speak English. However, most of them do not consider themselves fluent. 

The inability to use the words that the other person understands can cause misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and fights. Eventually, it can lead to the ultimate demise of the relationship.

2. Cultural differences

Love is a universal emotion felt by most, if not all, people across the world. However, it manifests itself in different ways. After all, culture impacts a person’s conception of love and how they behave, think, and feel in a romantic relationship

Kowloon has a collectivist culture. Group decisions matter more than individual ones. Hence, when Kowloon girls decide, they consider how it will affect their families, friends, and other relationships. In contrast, an individualist culture, like most western countries, focuses more on self-interest and those of their immediate families when making decisions. 

3. Family involvement

Kowloon girls maintain close ties with their families, even when they become adults, get married, and have babies. As such, their families’ opinions about you will matter a lot. 

Although cross-cultural relationships are no longer taboo in the region, some Kowloon people still misjudge foreigners. They might see foreigners as corrupt and evil who want to take advantage of their girls.  

Tips on Dating Kowloon Girls

Language barrier, cultural differences, and family involvement do not necessarily mean that you will have an unsuccessful dating experience with Kowloon girls. 

You can address these problems as follows:

1. Understand, respect, and compromise

Entering into a cross-cultural relationship may be complicated, but it is not impossible. Many people in cross-cultural relationships are happy and content. 

The secret is to understand and respect your differences. 

You should see your relationship as a merging culture. Meaning to say, do not expect your Kowloon girl to settle into your way of life seamlessly. Instead, make an effort to learn about her and find a way to make compromises.

2. Learn her language

Communication is essential for a long-lasting relationship. If you want to get serious with a Kowloon girl, take the time to learn her language. Doing so will make her feel that you want to be part of her world. 

Also, you should do your best to strengthen other communication channels. Remind yourself that unspoken messages are as powerful as spoken messages. You can make your Kowloon girl feel your love by holding her hands, kissing her forehead, and cooking her favorite dishes.

3. Be a good listener

The ability to listen and comprehend is one of the best but most underrated traits of a partner. It signifies your desire to connect with her. 

You can practice active listening by letting your Kowloon girl express her emotions without interrupting and trying to immediately problem-solve.

4. Get along with her family

Dating a Kowloon girl means dating her entire family. So, put your best foot forward when meeting her grandparents, parents, sisters, brothers, and other distant relatives. 

There are many ways to make an excellent first impression, such as complimenting her family’s cooking and being polite when talking.

5. Express your love for her

Every person is unique. The same is true when it comes to expressing love. 

Love has five languages: words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and receiving gifts. You need to know your Kowloon girl’s love language for her to know you love her. You can read more about it here.

Which of the qualities of Kowloon girls do you find the most attractive?

Kowloon girls possess so many great qualities. You will be fortunate to date one. However, finding a Kowloon girl to date can be difficult. It requires time, patience, and effort. 

Lucky for you, dating is now made more accessible — thanks to online dating apps and sites! No matter which of their qualities attract you the most, you can find your ideal Kowloon girl online. Check out TrulyChinese and let your dating journey begin.

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