7 Best Restaurants in Kowloon City

Are you having a problem looking for the best restaurants in Kowloon City? Kowloon is undoubtedly a destination for sumptuous cuisine. When it comes to Kowloon, you won’t run out of restaurants to visit. 

Clueless about where to start? Not a problem—here are some of the best restaurants in Kowloon for you to check out.

Must-Visit Restaurants in Kowloon City

If you’re new to Kowloon, choosing which restaurants will give you the best experience and cook mouth-watering delicacies can be challenging. 

Here are some Kowloon City restaurants you won’t regret visiting:

1. Stone House Cafe

Which do you like best—outdoor or indoor dining? In Stone House Cafe, you don’t have to choose. 

If you wish to visit France someday, visiting the restaurant is right up your alley. The airy, romantic ambiance of the restaurant embodies the country’s celebration of love and life. 

Are you craving delicious delicacies to eat? Choose from the cafe’s culinary delights that took generations to achieve perfection. Take a bite of the cafe’s all-day breakfast and enjoy its tasty drinks, such as Irish Cream Milk. It’s best to try it while it’s cold. 

2. Red Sugar

Red is the color of love. Start painting your day and night in red and let the sweetness of romance take you to places—like the Red Sugar restaurant in Kowloon. 

The restaurant has an exciting collection of craft brews, a wide selection of wines, oak barrel-aged cocktails, and delicious treats for snacks. It also showcases the heavenly taste of its cuisine. 

3. Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond offers the ultimate dining experience with splendidly crafted classic and contemporary Chinese dishes that will make you drool. It even has a separate menu for vegetarian customers.

For a better experience, the restaurant also gives its visitors a panoramic view of the Hong Kong skyline. Without a doubt, it’s a sight to see for tourists and expats in the area. Make sure to add this to the list of restaurants you want to visit in Kowloon. 

4. Temple Spice Crabs

Are you craving spicy crabs and other seafood cuisines? Visit the Temple Spice Crabs restaurant. You will get the taste of perfectly cooked spicy prawns and crabs, fried fish, and sweet and sour pork. 

Waiters are also skilled in serving delicious beer and great wine. If you love the sweetness and bitterness of coffee, it’s only one order away. 

You’ll be immersed in the crowd of Kowloon when you visit Temple Spice Crabs. Whether you are a tourist or expat, grab this chance to meet new people—you may even find a date. 

5. Hutong

In Kowloon, Hutong is a restaurant you don’t want to miss. It has a timeless ambiance with moody lighting, ancient Chinese designs, traditional red lanterns, and rustic wooden furniture. 

If you are hungry for a classic Chinese menu, you’ll get what you want. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be made pleasant and exciting for you. The menu has various foods to choose from, such as fiery softshell crab with Sichuan dried chili, spicy prawns, and more. 

Travel in time in Hutong with someone you love! 

6. Beauty in the Pot

Beauty in the Pot will embrace you in its pink universe. The restaurant is made of art, bright and welcoming, and suitable for tourists and expats. 

The restaurant does not stop in the uniqueness of its decor. You’ll also get to savor the essence of the steaming pot of soup. The restaurant’s menu is inspired by cultural food that focuses on health. A talented team of chefs artfully crafted the soup’s rich flavor to excite the customer’s palette. 

7. 9¾ Café

Are you a big fan of the Harry Potter series? Travel to the world of magic in the 9¾ Café. 

Enjoy the sweet nostalgic memory of watching the movies and reading the books about Harry Potter’s journey in Hogwarts. Any delighted fan of the story would want to go to this themed restaurant and enjoy its coffee and famed butterbeer. 

Be excited also for the cafe’s menu! You’ll have fun ordering in 9¾ Café because its selection of Western starters and mains are named after different mythical creatures and charms. You’ll even shout in joy when you see Harry’s beloved owl, Hedwig, in a cage.

Which Kowloon City restaurant caught your attention?

Kowloon City is a favorite spot for tourists and expats because of the wide range of fascinating things to see and restaurants to try. Among the list of restaurants, which interests you the most? It’s time to add them to your itinerary in Kowloon. Have fun!

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