How to be Successful at Dating Someone Overseas

Wherever you are in the world, finding the right partner can be credibly difficult.  A long-distance and online relationship with someone in another country is even more challenging to manage. Most times, it seems like an impossible task, presenting a new set of challenges to anyone trying to have an online dating experience. However, knowing the right steps to take and tips to follow can make such adventures pleasant in inexplicable ways. If you are considering online dating with someone overseas, adopt the recommendations in this guide to stay on top of your game.

Find the Right Platform and Set Up Your Profile

Thanks to technological advancements and changing attitudes to online dating, there are now several online dating sites to choose from, depending on your tastes and preferences.

You can choose between mobile apps or websites, free platforms, or paid platforms for specific countries/races or mixed platforms for finding partners younger than you or the same age, and so on. There is a platform to suit whatever your needs may be; you only need to find the right one. 

Once you’ve found the right platform for you, you will need to set up a profile. Here are some security tips to follow when setting up a profile on a dating app.

1. Read Terms and Conditions

This is very important. Some sites reserve the right to use pictures posted on their platforms. At the same time, some collect user data and store private information. It is essential to know what you are getting into so you can act accordingly.

2. Don’t use your personal/work email

Sometimes, sites may experience security breaches that allow people to view data like emails and passwords. An example of this is the infamous scandal of an online dating site that left millions of user information exposed to the public. Creating a separate email address and unique password for online dating sites can help prevent your data from being compromised.

3. Be honest

Although using a pseudonym and being cautious about your personal life is often advised when using online dating platforms, you should never lie about yourself or put up fake pictures to attract a partner. A relationship built on lies will not last long.

4. Be upfront about your intentions

If you are serious about dating someone overseas, you should be clear about what type of relationship you are looking for when writing your bio. Are you looking for something casual? A short-term fling? Or something that may lead to marriage? Letting people know what you want will save you a lot of time and searching further down the road.

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Be Wary of Fake Profiles

Online dating platforms, mostly platforms that facilitate dating between long-distance overseas users, are often rife with bots. You may find scammers and people looking to take advantage of you or get your personal information.

Even with paid online dating platforms, there is still a risk of encountering catfish accounts and scammers online. It would help if you researched a site’s security measures, vetting process, and user policy. Ensure they have systems set in place to protect you and can provide a safe online dating environment.

When chatting with a profile, you should be on the lookout for sure signs and cues that might be scammer red flags.

1. Profiles that seem too good to be true

You can find diverse people with good pedigree online. But chances are if you stumble across a 6ft blond bombshell who works for the red cross and models in her spare time, she may not be real.

2. Wanting to find out too much too quickly

Being interested in your life and trying to get to know you is not always a bad thing. Sharing information about each other’s life is a great way to build a connection and discover what you have in common. An insistence on knowing specific details about your life can be a big red flag. When someone you have only been chatting with for a short while wants to know certain information like your full name, where you live, what car you drive, how much you make, your mother’s maiden name, and so on.

3. Being too repetitive or using cut and paste replies

This one may not seem suspicious initially; after all, not everyone can be great at texting. It is a subtle yet vital sign to pay attention to. Suppose a profile routinely sends the same conversation starters, giving general replies and not always replying to specific details in the conversation. In that case, it can mean that they are mass-texting a lot of profiles. So, they can’t concentrate on giving tailor-made replies to each user.

4. Too many sob stories

In a scenario where you are getting to know someone you have connected with online, they seem to roll out a new sad event or unfortunate thing that happened to them every day. That is a major red flag. Today, they tell you their dog died, and tomorrow they tell you they lost their job, and so on.  

5. Know who you are talking to

Many cases of people dating someone overseas without knowing what they look like, only to get scammed later on. You must see the face of the other person you are trying to get involved with. Request multiple pictures and even video calls if your online dating platform has that feature.

6. Don’t send money gifts

Even though it is understandable to want to apply the traditional dating habits of sending gifts or some cash to someone you are interested in, the same principle should not apply when you start online dating with someone overseas.

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Get to Know Them Properly

Now, you’ve waded through loads of sketchy profiles, avoided some suspicious situations, and finally found a genuine user you have formed a connection with. Although the prospect of finally finding the perfect potential partner might get you stirred up, it is crucial to take your time to get to know them.

The initial flirting and witty conversation may have built a rapport. Still, you should not rely on that to build the foundation of a healthy and lasting relationship. Try and get to know things like their goals, values, interests, and so on to truly get a sense of the person you might end up committing to a relationship with.

Furthermore, when looking for love with someone overseas, remember that even though you both share the same interests and core values, there might be significant cultural differences.  These can cause problems down the line. You should be aware that fundamental cultural or social issues can cause clashes between you and your potential partner. It is best to identify these things early on and address them or work to overcome them in the course of your relationship.

For instance, your potential partner might be from a conservative region like Asia of the Middle East. It would help if you asked them about their culture and social systems. You may offend them or say something that they may interpret wrongly.

How to Keep the Romance Alive

So, you found someone, gotten to know them, and you have decided to have a serious go at online dating. It can be tempting to let the relationship evolve organically and not think about things too much. Still, you should actively cultivate and nurture your relationship if you want it to be successful. Some of the things you should note are:

1. Communication

One crucial aspect of long-distance online dating is communication. Partners in traditional physical relationships benefit from reading body language and observing other nonverbal cues to know what is going on with their partner. With online dating, you don’t have that luxury, so you must be deliberate with your communication. Express your views, misgivings, and wants so your partner can understand. You should also not forget that communication works both ways. Encourage your partner to express themselves for you to be able to understand their needs and perspective.

2. Use technology

Technology has provided an array of ways to stay connected and keep your relationship exciting. Using virtual reality to explore places together, using smartwatches and other gadgets to give real-time updates on how your day is going will keep you two connected. When used creatively, technology can erase borders and make your partner feel a lot closer.

3. Engage in activities together

Just because you aren’t in the same place doesn’t mean you can’t do regular couple activities together. Finding creative ways to make time for each other will go a long way in keeping the spark alive. Doing things like grocery shopping together by video call, watching the same movie at the same time, talking over the phone while simultaneously going for walks together, and so on are easy creative ways to keep your online dating active.

4. Have Date Nights

Having scheduled date nights over FaceTime, Skype, or even WhatsApp can help keep things fresh and ensure you and your partner get some much-needed time together. When successful, online dating with someone overseas proves that the saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder” is often true. Love can be found in the most unexpected of places, or in this case, countries. Try something new and give online dating with someone overseas a chance.

Currently in an LDR? We know dating someone overseas is no easy feat, That’s why we have provided you with a series of tips to make it easier on your end.

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