Date a Taiwanese Guy: A Millennial’s Guide

The stakes and waters are rough in the world of dating, but we still look for that lifetime companion nonetheless. No matter the probable strains we encounter, we are hardwired to find our ‘one true love.’ If dating physically with men in your area didn’t work out for you, maybe it’s high time to meet, connect, and date a Taiwanese guy. But first…

Sweet Taiwanese Couple

What is it like to date Taiwanese guys?

Taiwan is composed of an overabundance of indigenous ethnic populations, each formed and molded a little bit differently. So it may not be fair to stereotype them as everyone is unique and adorable on their own. To gain additional knowledge about Taiwanese guys, we prepared below some prevalent qualities most of them share.

Particularly Shy

Taiwanese men are usually shy and more reserved than Western men because the cultivation of social relationships and their regard for filial piety is considered essential. Their high honor for social relations is also one reason why they are polite and respectful to women. Case in point, expect to be the one to talk on the first few days of the relationship when you date Taiwan men. But once you get past their shyness, they start to reveal themselves and be comfortable showing their fun and wild side to you.

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Family Matters to Them

If you want to date a Taiwanese guy, remember that family is everything for them. They hold great value in their elder’s opinions that when they let you meet their parents or grandparents, it means you are special. If you want to impress them in your first meeting, it may not be a good idea to be your best and most authentic self. Remember that a different culture has shaped your views in life no matter how much you tell yourself otherwise. And older Asian generations have a preconceived bias of the Western people, so you can play a little safe, be a bit more demure than your usual self, and dress up accordingly.

They Don’t Go on Dates

Contrary to the Western style of dating, where you have to go out a few times with potential sweethearts before deciding to start a relationship, Taiwan men don’t date. In contemporary Taiwanese dating culture, men do not dine out with women until one of them confesses. Ladies that date a Taiwanese guy know that these men see dating as a long-term and serious affair. So, when single Taiwanese men date, it’s because they already want to start a committed relationship.

dating taiwanese couple

Where to meet Taiwanese guys?

Now that we’ve covered the essential things to know about Taiwanese guys, let’s delve into the more pressing and exciting topic— dating!

Virtual Meet-Cute with a Taiwanese Guy

It’s, of course, interesting to chance upon ‘Mr. Right’ in pubs or milk tea shops when you go to Taiwan. It’s romantic to have a ‘meet-cute’ moment because it makes you feel like you are in a Taiwanese television drama. But due to the pandemic, you might want to hold off on the sweet meeting first. And we say hold off because although there are flight bans, you can still have a chance to get your ‘amusing first encounter’ when you visit Taiwan’s famous dating site, TrulyChinese.

TrulyChinese is an online dating platform that allows for a fun and safe socialization with Asian men and women from Taiwan. The site has a wide array of friendly singles who are also looking for their ‘forever.’ You only need to register your profile and, from there, allow destiny to take its course.

Meet Chinese Singles

First Date with a Taiwanese Man

Once the world heals from the pandemic and traveling is allowed, step into your big girl shoes and visit your Taiwanese boyfriend — yay! — in Taiwan. Run through these notes quickly to know what to expect.

Taiwanese Know and Understand English

Taiwan men know how to speak English. They understand and see what you mean; they just don’t want to sound stupid when conversing with you. When you date a Taiwanese guy, they love to impress you. As such, they will speak less if they could until they are more comfortable with your company.

They are Attracted to Charming Women

Often, Taiwanese men find that kind, innocent, and cute women are easy to protect as they are obedient and amenable. This may also be because as they are particularly shy, the sheepishly adorable ladies are easy to be with. Taiwanese men will also be drawn to you if you come to them for help. In a nutshell, they like to be the hero for you.

They Pay for Food

You don’t pay for the food when you go out on a date with a Taiwanese guy. Most women may find this incredibly sexist, but they see the paying of food as a man’s responsibility. But, if this is a potential dealbreaker for you, tell him how you feel. They will understand and know you on a deeper level because of this.

Taiwanese Guys Like to Take Things Slow

Single Taiwanese men like to take things slow. They will send you texts or charming gifts at a get-go, hardly ever on romantic acts, even simple holding of hands. So if you prefer to be playful once you date a Taiwanese guy, you will be heavily disappointed as the only thing you get from them is loving looks or wiping of food in your mouth. This is mainly because Taiwanese men are traditionalists and prefer to date at a slow pace. But if you too value passionate actions and choose to do it when things are serious or after marriage, then dating Taiwanese men will be a great decision.

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married taiwanese couple

The Relationship

After everything, who would have thought that the only solution for your heartaches was to make a profile on TrulyChinese? Now that you’ve found the man you’re committed to stay forever with, allow us to whisper some last few notes on what it’s like to date a Taiwanese guy.

Taiwanese Men are Fun to Be With

Taiwanese take work very seriously, but when it’s time to have fun, they let loose! Enjoyable moments when dating a Taiwanese guy run from catching shrimp in their night market to grilling it. After tasting their delicacy, they will take you to another restaurant that offers rice and oil-based food. They will also tour you to the best milk tea house in Taiwan. Usually, the last destination to a Taiwanese dating style involves karaoke-ing.

They Say ‘I Love You’ When They Do

Compared to Americans or Europeans where they prefer to say ‘I love you’ when it’s safe to do so — as if someone’s going to eat them to death when they say it earlier than usual — Taiwanese men say the three words once they already feel it. That’s even sometimes after two weeks of being in the relationship. In retrospect, they can say this earlier because the courting stage was longer due to their prolonged getting-to-know phase.

They Will Respect Your Beliefs

When you get to Taiwan and start dating a Taiwanese guy, at first, they will be very interested in your personal life. But, they are in no way judgmental, especially when they get to know you. They will respect your religious beliefs or political standpoint.

They Give the Best Life Advice

When you ask single Taiwanese men for advice, they try to be reserved and disguise it as politeness by telling you what you want to hear. But if you are a lot closer or are in a relationship, know that they give the best life advice. Once you get past their mask of shyness, you’ll discover that they are sincere and outspoken.

They Like to Protect You

Remember when we said men like to play hero for you? Even when you don’t ask for their aid or simply don’t need it, Taiwanese men want to offer their help. Don’t get them wrong when they do this. You may now think he is too overbearing, irritating, or pushy, but he means well. They like to play the knight when they see their damsel in distress, so let them be. But if this is a major dealbreaker for you, just let him know. We bet he’ll understand and consider your feelings on it.

Taiwanese Guys are Consistent

If you date a Taiwanese guy, you don’t need to worry about your relationship going cold in the longer run — or, worst, ghosted — as they are as consistent from day one up to infinity. Their sweet messages or reminders via text are as romantic as they were the first time you got to know them, sometimes more endearing.

Again, it is by no means that we intend to generalize Taiwanese men. We understand that everyone is different. These notes and tips are accounts of real women who have dated or are dating Taiwanese men. Additionally, whether you found him online or offline, when you date a Taiwanese guy who’s from an entirely different walk of life than you, you get to see life from a fresh perspective, which honestly is a bonus point. 

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