Happily Ever Afters: Top 9 Dating Tips for Women

Everybody wants a Happily Ever After.

Try as we might to deny it, this “childish” desire never truly goes away, even when we reach adulthood. The only reason why many of us think so is that the image changes as we bloom into the older, wiser versions of ourselves. Some people still want a happy ending, but one that doesn’t involve a significant other or riding off into the sunset.

And that’s okay.

However, there are others who still want to ride off into the sunset with their significant others. Or at least have someone to be intimate with, no strings attached.

Suppose you’re a woman who wants either or neither but is interested in entering the dating scene. In that case, this article guide is for you. Further down is a list of dating tips for women, which discuss the dos and don’ts of dating, and how to thrive in the modern dating scene.

9 Tips for Women to Thrive in the Dating Scene

Tip 1: Settle your non-negotiables

dating tips for women

As the old saying goes, there is plenty of fish in the sea. These fishes are all inherently unique, as cliche as it may seem. These fishes have their own looks, aesthetics, personalities, hobbies, and other facets that make them who they are.

So, knowing this, the first thing from our dating tips for women is figuring out your turn-offs and turn-ons. Are you okay with seeing a smoker? Does a guy who does magic interest you? Would you go on dates with an unemployed person?

Starting with a two-column list and noting down what qualities you want and don’t want is an excellent way of narrowing down what you’re looking for in a partner.

It’s also worth noting that our preferences change over time, so don’t be hesitant to revise the list should things change as you get to know more people.

Tip 2: Know what you want

dating tips for women

This tip might seem redundant, especially after the first part. However, it’s worth mentioning that knowing what you want out of your future partner should be something that you settle before entering the dating scene.

As all of us may know by now, relationships aren’t as straightforward as they were during the time of our grandparents. There are many types of intimate relationships to be had, so it’s best to sit down and think about what you want at this very moment.

Is it a romantic partner, someone you can be with for months or even years? Or perhaps you’re leaning more into casual partners, whom you can call up whenever you’re feeling lonely?

Regardless of your final decision, you’ll need to be upfront with anyone you link up with about what you want as well. This way, you can prevent awkward conversations and broken hearts in the future.

Tip 3: Broaden your horizon

Let’s be honest here — we all have a type. Cool guys, bad boys, jocks, and nerds — these are only some of the many stereotypes that we buy into in our quest for romance. 

Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with having a type. However, it does limit our choices, especially if we consider other factors like location, age demographic, availability, and more.

A quick solution to this is to branch out from our type of partner.

Now, some of us may be hesitant to do so — or may even be unopen to the thought — because it’s similar to facing the unknown. If that’s the case for you, keep in mind that these “types of guys and girls” are simply stereotypes, and there is more to people than meets the eye.

Who knows, maybe the nice guy that you’re talking to is The One, even though he isn’t the bad boy you’ve always longed to be with.

Tip 4: Present your best (authentic) self

Unlike the dating scene in the past, there are now several avenues we can take to meet fellow singles. Soirees, speed dating parties, bars, and clubs are only some of the many options we can take to try our luck.

For those who want a more modern experience, there is also online dating to try out.

Regardless of our final choices, one of our dating tips for women still applies. That is, to offer our best, true selves to the people that we’ll meet.

One may ask, “Why the need to bring this up?”

It’s essential to bring this up because of how easy it is to fluff ourselves up to strangers we’re hoping to date. A little lie here and there may seem harmless, but they’ll eventually create a web of lies that will be challenging to escape from. Not only that, but a relationship built on falsehoods will undoubtedly end once the truth comes to light.

In terms of online dating, this means sticking to the truth on your dating profile and using photos that aren’t heavily modified. If you’re one to use filters or photo editing applications, make sure that the end result still looks like you. You’d want to prevent any unwanted surprises from springing up during the first meeting.


Tip 5: Do your research

We have previously mentioned the avenues one can go on to meet fellow singles. However, it’s worth noting that we should do our own research, too. After all, the excellent experience of one person doesn’t mean that it’s the experience of the majority.

This mindset applies to online dating especially. There are numerous online dating sites around, each with its target demographics and locations. 

Yes, Google is our friend, but if you’re looking to use an application, make sure to check out the reviews on the application market as well. While doing so, take note of the five- and four-star reviews left more recently. This is one of the best ways to check if the good experience outweighs the bad.

Tip 6: Be prepared to pay

These days, everything seems to be hidden behind a paywall. TV series, books, movies, and games… These are all items we can find alternatives, too. Dating websites and applications? Not so much.

There’s no reason to fret, though, since there are plenty of free websites and applications that link singles with other singles. However, some applications like Tinder keep a few features locked behind payment. 

Here is where the research part comes in. We learn more about these “hidden” features by conducting our research and can come to our own conclusions if we need them or not. Do you need those unlimited swipes and likes to make the most of your dating experience? If not, then feel free to move on as usual.

But if you think you may need it, pause that thought and consider other websites and applications. Do these competitors offer the same feature for little to no money? Do they have better offerings for individuals who pay? At times like this, it’s best to keep sharp and be an intelligent consumer.

Tip 7: Be a smart communicator

Let’s say you have chosen online dating among all of the options and have found the platform you want to find your match on.

You go through the questionnaires, build up your profile, and even pay for premium features. Then you’ve reached it, the trickiest part of the entire endeavor — you now get to talk to fellow singles like you. Congratulations! 

If this is your first rodeo, try not to be too nervous. The same goes for dating veterans. After all, we have a sort-of-cheat sheet that we can refer to before talking to other users when it comes to online dating.

That cheat sheet is often referred to as the user profile. 

The profile is the holy grail of necessary information, typically containing the photos, names, interests, and dislikes of a person. Taking note of these pieces of information helps when trying to break the ice or impress your match.

Another piece of advice is to listen or read what the other person is saying. It’s good to talk about ourselves, true. However, being self-centered and going on and on about ourselves will prevent us from learning more about our matches and may even turn them off in the long run.

Tip 8: Pay attention to red flags

dating tips for women

It’s a long-standing reminder, but it needs to be said. As women, we need to keep one eye open when we’re dating.

After all, we’re essentially trying to connect with strangers. It’s okay to try and see the good in these people, but we don’t know their full intentions. So, staying wary can help prevent any terrible scenarios from happening.

This especially applies to online daters who may encounter numerous scammers online. So, just as we did our research before dating, don’t be afraid to do a little research on your date before meeting them in person.

Suppose your date is acting sketchy, or asking for money all of a sudden, or won’t share other photos aside from the heavily filtered or limited ones on their profile. If that’s the case, it’s best to pull back and use the Block button before things go awry.

Tip 9: Keep on it

Finishing off our list of dating tips for women is the ninth tip: to keep on it.

See, dating is more of a journey than a destination, so it shouldn’t be surprising if it takes a while to find The One. Moreover, we’ll likely meet so many people who feel like they’re it but aren’t, resulting in lower morale.

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If you find yourself in that situation, try to step back from the dating scene in the meantime. After all, dating is supposed to be fun and not at all a chore. Take a break, and while doing so, consider other avenues and even pursue different hobbies.

You’ll find that regrouping yourself and taking a break will result in a healthier and even happier dating experience in the long run. 

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