Chinese Dating and Safety Tips

There is always something about Chinese women that makes them irresistible to men. With their exotic looks, good upbringing, and unique culture, you can never go wrong in dating one. Interested in a Chinese beauty? Awesome! TrulyChinese has provided you with tips on how to meet and be safe in online Chinese dating.

  1. Be aware of cultural differences

    When you’re trying out online dating, there’s a big chance that you’ll be meeting people from different countries, raised with different cultures and tradition. The best advice we could give you is to understand the Chinese dating culture. Be familiar on their courting traditions, seek their family’s approval, and be discreet when you’re together in public.

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  2. Be courageous

    Lao Tzu's quote about love giving courage

    Chinese women expect their partners to be bold and confident. When you met one online, make sure you ask questions about herself and be sure to listen to her thoughts and feelings. This shows that you’re interested and respectful towards her.

  3. Always impress her

    These women always have admirers. Make sure to constantly keep her on her toes by simply just being yourself. Be playful and adventurous.

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  4. Find a good Chinese dating site

    Ready to meet beautiful Chinese singles? Great! When you’re looking for a dating site, make sure to check their reviews, how secured the site is, and the number of active members. With TrulyChinese, you don’t have to look any further. The site is packed with awesome features and we make sure our member’s safety is our top priority.

  5. Work on your profile

    online dating tip about working on your online dating profile

    Your profile is your ticket to a successful ending. If it’s done right, you might just find your Chinese match in no time. Always remember to:

    • Use good photos of yourself. This will show a teaser on how you live your life and what you’re looking for in a partner.
    • Don’t forget to fill up your profile description. Tell something about yourself without going overboard. Leave something for them to be curious enough to drop you a message. Remember to use polite and respectful language. Don’t drive off potential matches with rude and sexually aggressive comments.
    • State what you’re looking for on the site. If you’re looking for marriage, a casual relationship, or even just a friend, it’s important that your profile states your intentions. This is to help us match you with the right person.
  6. Send the first message

    It can be real pressure to send out the first message because you want to make a good first impression. With the Chinese dating culture, make sure your message is respectful. You can kiss your chances goodbye if you use racist and rude comments on your message. Women in general, not just Chinese women, find this a major turn off.

Be sure to just be yourself, be confident, be polite and just keep it simple and interesting. Make sure to compliment her interest. This shows her that you took time in checking out her profile.

Safety Tips

The internet full of scammers, that’s why being aware is the best defense from an empty wallet and a broken heart. We’ve provided you with the most common red flags in Chinese dating sites:

  1. Too curious about your financial status

    If you’ve encountered someone who’s too curious about how much money you make annually or your banking information, stop communicating with them immediately.

    online dating tip about not giving out important information to someone you just met online

    These are scammers. It’s weird that both of you just met online and they want to know very personal information immediately. We advice that you report them to our 24/7 Customer Service and we’ll immediately take care of the issue.

  2. Vague profile description

    This can be hard to figure out if they’re scammers or not. You need to trust your intuition with this one. When you’re starting to build a relationship with someone online, be sure to be decisive if you're willing to continue with the relationship or not.

  3. They tell inconsistent stories

    Keeping multiple personas can be challenging. Always be alert of the conversations you’ve had and if you notice any slips or inconsistent stories, they’re most likely a scammer. This can prevent heartaches and an empty wallet.

  4. Refusing to have an in-person meeting or video chat

    It’s normal to do an in-person meeting or a video chat with someone you met and got close with online. But if they always come up with reasons or plainly refuse to do so, then this is a major red flag for a scammer.

    Online dating tip about members who refuse to do an in-person meeting or video chat

    We strongly advice that you stop making contact immediately. Nothing good will ever come if you stick with these people.

  5. Asking you for money

    It can be dodgy when both of you just met and they suddenly tell you a tragic story about a family member’s sudden illness or unpaid home bills that would end up with them asking you for money. When this happens, stop the communication and report them immediately. If you do send them money, the chances of you hearing from them again would be pretty slim.

    Looking for your Chinese beauty online has never been easier and safer. On TrulyChinese, we ensure that our members have a great and safe online dating experience. What are your waiting for? Sign up on TrulyChinese now and meet thousands of Chinese singles.

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